YOGA positively affects all systems of the body.  Many yoga practitioners have observed the following results:
* Improves range of motion and flexibility
* Sharpens focus and concentration
* Tones and strengthens muscles
* Improves circulation
* Increases lung capacity, improves breathing ability
* Normalizes blood pressure
* Reduces back pain
* Increass body awareness
* Enhances wellness during a healthy pregnancy
*Improves balance and coordination
* Increases efficiency of internal organs
* Reduces anxiety and reactions to stress
* Builds relaxation skills
Originating in India, YOGA has been practiced for millennia, passing from teacher to student via apprenticeships often lasting many years.
and You
Physical postures, breathing exercises and meditation help calm and clear the mind, increase the ability to concentrate, and enhance self awareness and self acceptance both in and out of yoga sessions.  These experiences can help you feel less scattered, more whole, and integrated.
In Yoga you are likely to become more aware of the interactions between your physical, emotional, mental and energetic systems.  This holistic approach takes into account the way your state of mind affects your body as well as the way your body's condition affects your mind.
Research shows that, dependeng on the yoga style you choose, you can receive many of the benefits of traditional exercise, such as building muscle, endurance and lung capacity.  But whatever style you practice, you will find that yoga is ultimately not about how flexible or fit you are.  Rather than focusing on keeping up with other students, you will be encouraged to go at your own pace, respect your limits, and adapt the practice to your needs in the moment.
The remarkable art and science of yoga has come down through the ages to offer a comprehensive satisfying way to improve our lives.  Whether to increase fitness, relax mind and body or practice an integrated approach to life, yoga can benefit almost everyone.  With guidance from your yoga teacher, you can choose a style and level to help you achieve your goals.
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