Holistic Reflexology
approaches the body as a whole with interrelated systems.  This means, for example, that working the sinus points alone does not necessarily relieve a sinus headache.  Your reflexologist stimulates all the reflex points, supporting overall well-being and enabling your body to concentrate healing energies wherever they are needed.
We have over 7000 nerve endings on the soles of our feet.  This makes them quite sensitive and responsive to the sensory input of reflexology.
Your body is reflected in your feet. Years of experience by reflexologists and recipients alike suggest that when pressure is applied to the feet, predictable positive changes occur in specific areas elsewhere in the body.
The feet are accessible and easy to work. Just remove your shoes and socks and your reflexologist can address the needs of your entire body.  If your feet cannot be worked for any reason, you can receive the same benefits from stimulating the reflexology points in your hands and head.
A reflexologist can explain how these points correspond to your body.  A session addresses all the points to support the entire body.
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