Get In Touch Massage
Benefits of
Medical Massage
Therapeutic massage is a remarkable tool for helping you manage stress.  A deeply relaxing massage can give you a welcome break and help you feel better physically and mentally.  Over time, regular massage can help you develop healthy and productive responses to life's many challenges.
In a stress emergency, massage provides immediate relief with soothing sensations that refocus your attention away from your worries and tensions.  Studies show that massage triggers the relaxation response, taking your body off alert and setting in motion the biological processes needed to restore your resources and reverse the physical responses of 'fight-or-flight'.  With massage, calming touch sends your nervous system the signal that it is okay to take a break, allowing your body and mind to relax and unwind.
Hot Stone Massage brings heat to afflicted areas for instant soothing relief.  The gentle touch soothes and calms the nervous system.  This can improve sleep and reduce depression, anxiety and other effects of stress. 
Although stress is a fact of life, therapeutic massage can help you feel better, teach you to consciously relax and increase your ability to cope.  When you feel at the mercy of events, massage can give you a welcome stress break.  By making massage a regular part of your life you can experience ongoing, cumulative effects of reduced muscle tension, increased vitality and a calmer state of mind.
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